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Hot-Dipped Galvanized Razor Wire

Hot-Dipped Galvanized Razor Wire

We can also offer hot-dipped galvanized razor wire for customers. It has bright and beautiful blade of various types, offers good corrosion resistance. Galvanized razor wire can be supplied in straight line razor wire, single coils razor wire or crossed concertina razor coils. Razor wire in hot dipped galvanized sheet is widely used in many fields for its lower cost compared with stainless steel razor wire. It can be set up on the top of solid walls or wire fence forming more security fencing used in industry, agriculture and especially in military.

Blade Types for Hot-dipped Galvanized Razor Wire: BTO-10, BTO-22, BTO-30, CBT-25, CBT-60, CBT-65.

Hot-dipped Galvanized Razor Wire Specifications:

Thickness: 0.5 mm - 0.6 mm.

Wire diameter: 2.5 mm.

Razor length: 12 mm - 21 mm.

Razor width: 13 mm - 21 mm.

Barb spacing: 26 mm - 100 mm.

Outside diameter: 450 mm - 960 mm.

Number of loops: 33 mm - 102 mm.

Standard length per coil: 8 m - 16 m.

Razor barbed types: Single coil and cross type.

Packing terms: compression packing, woven bag packing.


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