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Straight Razor Wire

Straight Razor Wire

Straight type razor wire is common used due to it is installed quickly and save expenditure. Our factory can serve different applications and specifications razor wire for customers.

Standard materials for straight razor type barbed wire are either galvanized, low carbon steel wire, and stainless steel.

There is a common of the razor blade specifications (only for reference):

Razor wire Blade-barb length is 10:

Thickness: 0.5005 mm.

Wire diameter: 2.501 mm.

Barbed length: 10 mm.

Barb width: 13 mm.

Barb spacing: 26 mm.

Thickness: 0.5005 mm.

Wire diameter: 2.50 mm.

Barbed length: 30 mm.

Barb width: 18 mm.

Barb spacing: 45 mm.

Besides, users can choose for their needs.

Usage: The razor wire mainly serves in protecting of grass boundary, railway, highway and also widely used in military, and industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, dwelling house, also used as fence for cottage as society fence and other private buildings.


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