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How was barbed wire invented?

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The invention of barbed wire was created by a coincidence of laziness. In 867, Joseph gliden, an American, obtained a patent for his invention of barbed wire. In a word, the invention is the result of "laziness" and has something to do with Joseph's experience as a shepherd boy in a ranch in California. At that time, Joseph used to read while herding sheep; when he was buried in reading, animals often knocked down the grazing fence made of wooden piles and wire, and ran to the nearby fields in groups to steal crops. The rancher was so angry about it that he threatened to quit. After Joseph's observation, he found that sheep rarely cross the wall of roses with thorns. So a lazy idea came to mind: why not make a barbed net out of thin wire? He cut the thin wire into 5 cm long pieces, then wrapped it around the wire fence, and cut the end of the thin wire into sharp spines. The sheep who wanted to steal the crops had to look at the net and sigh. Joseph no longer had to worry about being dismissed by the rancher.

Because his invention was soon favored by business minded ranchers, and set up a factory specializing in the production of this new grazing fence to meet the needs of other ranches; after the products came into the market, orders poured in, and the business was very prosperous. According to a famous economist, barbed wire is "one of the seven patents that change the face of the world". In the process of opening up the western frontier of the United States, it played a role in defining property rights. It is the barbed wire that enables ranchers to distinguish their farms from those of others. Because the barbed wire is easy to produce, simple to install and cheap, it can effectively isolate livestock and reduce the probability of personal property theft. Today, on the grasslands of Australia, you can still see the barbed wire left by the colonists when they came here to explore more than 100 years 

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